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Does your business need to improve its viability or do you need to dress your event? This is your perfect low cost high impact solution for getting noticed. Feather flags come in a wide range of size and shapes with many option to suit your needs, this will help advertise your business or message. The printed feather flag is a printed polyester flag which is dye sublimation printed, stitched with a double hem on the edges to make the sides strong and robust for your peace of mind. The flag has a pole sleeve to keep the flag flying in the wind, this will help in those windy conditions.

Your new and exciting feather flag by Eco Print comes in a hard standing feather flag kit complete with a rotating water or sand fill base for secure positioning of your feather flag, a large handle for movability and extra support.

If you need the printed feather flag to be positioned on soft ground or grass we have a great steel engineered rotating spike option for you. These are made of stainless steel and are very durable to ensure your amazing feather flag stays waving strong in the wind and attract attention to your brand or event, just what you need!

The super strong poles are of the highest quality and strength giving you reassurance in those windy days. These printed feather flags which are produced in our factory in Nottingham which is in the UK giving you care free buying. They are carefully printed using eco friendly water based dye sublimation inks on 100% polyester which is recyclable, we know you love eco friendly products like us!

Included in the price:

  • Full colour photo quality printed flag double hemmed with pole sock for extra strength with loop and cords
  • Free artwork proof service and artwork design layout for your flag
  • Slot together super strong flexi poles which are interchangeable  through out the range
  • Ground Kit – hard ground or soft ground
  • Purpose made canvas zip bag with handles and various pockets
  • Printed and prodcued in the UK in our own factory
  • All weather proof machine washable print
  • Any size shape or variation available

A great choice of high impact marketing feathers flags are ideal for all types of business wanting to catch the eye. We supply some of the biggest retailers in the UK with flags from 1 to 1000 units at the best prices on the market.

Our feather flags can be finished in any printed feather flag shape printed flag or size. The shapes and styles of feather flags look brilliant and can be seen on the diagram. Making your new flag unique and fitting with your logo or brand making all the difference when displaying the flag. Have a look at the shapes and decide which would be best for you. Take a look at other options the range like teardrop drop flags or for a more square shaped flag try the sail banner flag.

Don’t worry these are the highest quality UK manufactured water based dye sublimation printed flags custom-printed feather flags are ideal for all events and display advertising and marketing environments and, unlike traditional flags, don’t require wind in use to get your logo or message read on the feather flag, that’s great.

To assist you flags are erected in minutes creating impressive advertising for any of your occasions. Use the feather flag indoors or outdoor with the hard standing base option. Simply take the poles out of the case, you will see the pole in the carry case slot together with the rigid section at the bottom and most flexible at the top, slide the flag over the erected poles and tie the shock cord to the strong plastic D ring at the bottom of the flag and loop this on the pole hook near the bottom.

Don’t forget artwork can be sent to us through the artwork upload button, by email or use the various file upload problems on the internet for large files. If you need help with the artwork we can assist you.

What is a Printed Feather Flag?

Feather Flags are portable marketing and advertising tool printed on knitted polyester using a dye sublimation printing process; the sectional poles are made from fibre glass and are very strong ideal for use outdoors. You can choose from various different bases for use either indoors or outdoors. Feather Flags are not made from with feathers but look like the shape of a feather-like fabric flag. Feather Flags are extremly popular with businesses who are using them to promote sports events, exhibitions, trade shows and products and services.

Why choose a Feather Flag?

Like many forms of advertising there are the pros and cons and budget is huge factor. Feather Flags offer many advantages as they’re affordable and effective in gaining attention of your market to an event or location. Flags are designed with company and sports logos to predominately gain the attention of people.

What artwork should I consider?

Creating and submitting the right artwork and colour to represent your brand to attract your audience will help with marketing and gain the market audience you require. Bright colours will reach a larger audience, don’t make the feather flag too bright; it can have a negative effect on your brand.

What location or position should my flag be?

Positioning your flags in the correct place is important and crucial part of any marketing strategy. Not every business has the best postion or location, you do not want to place the flags too far away from your business. Flags should be placed where lots of traffic can visually see them. If you’re positioned next to a busy road, its wise to position the flags on the road side in the eye of the oncoming traffic. Use your feather flags to promote your events such as festivals, sporting events, conferences and special events to help your get noticed.

Additional information

Feather Flag Shape

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Flag Type

Flag with Pole and Fixings, Replacement Flag Only

Flag Pole Total Height

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Double Sided Print


Ground Kit

Car Roll Over Wheel Base, Hard Ground 15kg Water Base, Hard Ground 25kg Water Base, Hard Ground Folding Base, No Base, Rotating Soft Ground Spike

Overlay Images

Price Table

Standard Print Showing Reverse on the Rear

Pole Height Flag Height No Base Soft Ground Base Folding Base Car Roll Over Base Water Base 25kg Water Base
250cm 190cm £60.05 £75 £105 £105 £110 £125
340cm 260cm £74.05 £89 £115 £115 £120 £135
450cm 340cm £90.05 £105 £135 £135 £140 £155
570cm 450cm £108.39 £123.34 £150 £150 £155 £170

Double Layered Print Front and Rear

Pole Height Flag Height No Base Soft Ground Base Folding Base Car Roll Over Base Water Base 25kg Water Base
250cm 190cm £86.05 £101 £131 £131 £136 £151
340cm 260cm £109.55 £124.50 £150.50 £150.50 £155.50 £170.50
450cm 340cm £135.05 £150 £180 £180 £185 £200
570cm 450cm £167.39 £182.34 £209 £209 £215 £229


Install Guides

Installation Guide Download

Download our installation guide for our feather flag blade.


Artwork template downloads

Size Concave Angled Convex Straight
190cm icon-pdf icon-pdf icon-pdf icon-pdf
260cm icon-pdf icon-pdf icon-pdf icon-pdf
340cm icon-pdf icon-pdf icon-pdf icon-pdf
450cm icon-pdf icon-pdf icon-pdf icon-pdf