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New Printed Items for Outdoor Events


With the introduction of two brand new PVC printers to the shop floor our range of available fabrics and finishes now have more ways than ever to suit your needs, whether its commercial, events or business there will be a suitable option for you.

330g PVC Mesh

Our PVC mesh is both a durable and breathable fabric ideal for fence covers, crowd barriers and flags. The mesh design allows for air to pass through the fabric protecting fences and other stands from being blown over in adverse weather, whilst also being waterproof and maintaining a bold vivid print.

There are multiple finishes to choose from with our primary option being heat welded hems for clean cut and strengthened edges accompanied by large industrial steel eyelets to allow for painless installation. All our mesh flags are made to measure to ensure you get the exact dimensions and design you are looking for.

440g Laminated

The 440g fabric is our economy option for temporary signs and banners that are not intended for long term use such as events or limited offers. This PVC is not perforated so is best attached to solid surfaces like walls in windier conditions. The absence of holes allows for more detail to be printed, allowing photos and more detailed artworks to be easily displayed.

All the same finishes are available for this fabric, but we recommend strengthened heat welded hems and Industrial eyelets for ease of display and the longest lifespan possible.

510g Laminated

This is our premium option for a product to be proud of, 510g boasts woven fabric laminated with PVC for a smooth quality finish. Shop signs, scaffolding and long-term displays are all ideal uses for 510g due to its reinforced structure maintaining a high-quality print for a long period of time, Colours are sharp, and lines are bold in each of the prints thanks to the quality finish.

Due to this being a heavier fabric we highly recommend heat welded hems for an incredibly strong edges and industrial eyelets so the weight can be evenly distributed when it is being displayed.

Additional Fabric Options

For more bespoke orders we offer a variation of more specialist materials such as Ripstop, which is a reinforced mesh PVC fabric that is suited for high wind conditions or an application that is expected to last an extended period. Ripstop is resistant to rips and tearing which makes it ideal in situations where it is being handled regularly or in contact with moving objects.

Black backed display fabric is another fabric we offer that is capable of an extremely high detail print which is evident when it is front lit due to its non-reflective qualities. This option is heavier than normal flag fabrics but is an ideal option in professional displays indoor and out, with a long lifespan that does not fade. An included benefit with is option is that it is fully recyclable after use without sacrificing any quality.

Optional Finishes

Although in most cases the heat welded hems are more than enough to reinforce the edges of our banners, tape can be applied at an additional cost to ensure durability in a high stress application. Prints can also be shipped unhemmed and eyeletted on rolls for the customer to decide on how it is used or simply cut to size.

We offer sewn pockets on all our fabrics to accommodate flag poles or bars providing a different choice of installation if eyelets aren’t suitable as well as sewn corners on crowd barriers ensuring a proper fit.

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