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Your Football Flag Display

Football flags, pitch banners and stadium crowd surf banners are becoming more popular in the UK. We have experience is printing and supply some of the biggest and most high profile stadium displays in the UK. We current supply many of Englands leading teams with football flags, stadium crowd surfer and pitch banners. We use a variety of fabrics from flag fabric to airmesh for easy handling and lightweight properties for people in the stands to hold and wave.

When considering the you banner for an game is good to check that the stadium safety officer is aware of the display and all the FR fire certificates are checked for safety. At Eco Print we offer all the certificates you need to pass this process with the football flag displays.

Its worth making sure you have people to assist you with the display, the fabric when printed and finished to the size of say, 40m x 20m can be very heavy. You will need the space to layout the banner, maybe on the pitch first and make sure the image is show the correct way. Ask for helpers before the game to to do a dry run of the display to ensure everyone can hold and guide the banner around the stadium.

If you display is using lots of flags, it maybe worth asking the safety office for the rules on lengths and pole types you can use in the ground. Some grounds will only allow poly pipe poles which are 150cm long. You will also need plenty of people to hold the flags for the duration of the display.

Start planning your display now with graphics, sizes and types of football flags or pitch banners or go all the way with a stadium crowd surfer. Speak to us today!