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About your Feather Flag

Printed feather flag kit with bases

What is a Printed Feather Flag?

Feather Flags are portable marketing and advertising tool printed on knitted polyester using a dye sublimation printing process; the sectional poles are made from fibre glass and are very strong ideal for use outdoors. You can choose from various different bases for use either indoors or outdoors. Feather Flags are not made from with feathers but look like the shape of a feather-like fabric flag. Feather Flags are extremly popular with businesses who are using them to promote sports events, exhibitions, trade shows and products and services.

Why choose a Feather Flag?

Like many forms of advertising there are the pros and cons and budget is huge factor. Feather Flags offer many advantages as they’re affordable and effective in  gaining attention of your market to an event or location. Flags are designed with company and sports logos to predominately gain the attention of people.

What artwork should I consider?

Creating and submitting the right artwork and colour to represent your brand to attract your audience will help with marketing and gain the market audience you require. Bright colours will reach a larger audience, don’t make the feather flag too bright; it can have a negative effect on your brand.

What location or position should my flag be?

Positioning your  flags in the correct place is important and crucial part of any marketing strategy. Not every business has the best postion or location, you do not want to place the flags too far away from your business. Flags should be placed where lots of traffic can visually see them. If you’re positioned next to a busy road, its wise to position the flags on the road side in the eye of the oncoming traffic. Use your feather flags to promote your events such as festivals, sporting events, conferences and special events to help your get noticed.