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Stadium Extra Large Banners

We enjoy our work but when we get asked to print and produce huge banners for the football team we all support this is great honour and privilege. We have been printing banners and flags for Nottingham Forest and the supports for many years but when the Derby game which is a huge event in the East Midland, we where asked to provide some amazing textile banner for the stadium as a display for the Rebel City display.

Eco Print produced over a 900 metres of printed textile for the display on poly air-mesh textile and stitched the printed textile together to make some extra large banners, the results of the printed textile banners was amazing and clear to see on the Sky Sport coverage. The textile banner added to the atmosphere of the evening. The event needed numbers volunteers to hold and work with the printed textile banners on the evening all organised by the Forza Garibaldi supported group.

The Football matches held between Derby County and Nottingham Forest are often called the East Midlands derby, and there is a fierce rivalry between the two East Midlands clubs.

According to a survey on football rivalries it is the 11th fiercest rivalry in English football, with 9 out of 10 fans from both clubs pointing to the other as their fiercest rival.[1] Since 2007 whenever the two teams meet the winner has been awarded the Brian Clough Trophy, in memory of Brian Clough, the man who had great success at both clubs.