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Feather Flags in the Sun

On a recent trip to the Caribbean over the festive period which we secured a few new orders for printed flags for Eco Print. We also tested and inspected feather flags and the material against the hot tropical sun. The feather flags are printed on a  polyester 115g fabric using dye sublimation printing technique which is the most durable printing method for flags and textile banners including Heras and Crowd Barrier covers.

The results for testing in the hot sunny conditions where very good and we where told by clients that regular washing and maintenance of the flags is essential for long lasting results in the bright all year round sunny weather. The life span of a printed flags is never going to be as long as the UK’s weather conditions as the heat and UV light will always win the battle over most man made items.

Many of the clients which are road side businesses wishing to attract customers attention as they drive by feel also that changing the flags on a regular basis adds to the a clean looking business environment and the cost of the feather flags printed and shipped in small courier bags was very cost effective. A new customer will be more attracted to a new bright and clean looking display outside of the business.

If you are looking to purchase any type of printed flag or textile banner this year it is good to know that we offer a friendly good customer service at the best prices in the UK and Europe with fast turnarounds on next day courier service.

We look forward to serving you this year and supporting your business in your printed display items.