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Finished or Unfinished Scrim

You may have seen airmesh banner scrim on HERAS fencing around festivals in the summer and sports events or on construction sites. The engineered airmesh is a great way to hide fenced off areas or to brand and dress and event but which finish should you go with on your airmesh banner scrim? One rule is to consider the length of time the printed airmesh will be displayed and used. The other factor to consider is will you be using the engineered poly airmesh scrim again for another event or location? If you are just using the HERAS or crowd barrier scrim for a weekend event and will be recycling the fabric then go with unfinished and save money on your printed branding banner scrim. If you are re-using the scrim or it will be in place on site for a long time spend a little more and get a stronger lasting airmesh scrim. Ask us for more help on your order.