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Why soft signage is the future

Firstly, soft signage looks amazing! With the combination of new textile technology and print quality seen as such as point of sale graphics in department stores or duty free shops at airports, are vibrant, punchy and stand up to close scrutiny. They’re tactile too, giving texture that you simply don’t get from posters. Printed Dye Sublimation flags are out in the elements, responding to the breeze and this movement is eye-catching which is what signage and advertising is all about.

Secondly, there are the eco print green credentials. Many big retail brands are looking for the more environmentally friendly options and printed textile graphics can provide that with recyclable polyester substrates, some of which are made from recycled material, and if dye-sublimation is the only water based ink.

Printed textile has many logistical benefits. It’s lightweight, economical to transport and it can be folded up without the risk of it being damaged. Textile graphics and soft signage are easy to manage and can be taken down and reused again, which again reduce carbon footprint which is great for the environment.

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