Retail Monolith Fabric Display

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    The StretchTex Monolith fabric display is designed to attract attention in a retail or high foot fall area it impresses standing over 2m high. It is suited to a wide range of display settings this an alternative to traditional pop up and roller banners.

    Available in 4 widths, it is supported on a heavy metal base with the lightweight 32mm tubular aluminium frame covered over by a full colour photo quantity stretch textile graphic.

    The StretchTex Monolith tension fabric display stand is very lightweight and easy to store and transport. It comes complete with its own canvas carry bag as standard.

    The hard wearing printed fabric graphic is folded up with no worries of creasing, elasticity in the textile makes it very durable and stretches out any creases once the fabric is applied over to the frame.

    Fabric graphics are fitted and secured with a zip to stop them riding up the frame and keeping the graphic tight and smooth looking, ensuring a perfect display that won’t move or wrinkle.

    Applying the dye sublimation printed graphics is simple, each graphic printed cover  effortlessly slides over the frame and pulled down to the bottom of the frame to give you a seamless printed textile display finish, designed to grab your audiences attention and cool and quality fashion.

    The photo quality printed fabric covers are printed using the latest dye-sublimation process which is a direct print onto the textile that fuses water-based inks within the polyester fabric, for longer lasting high impact graphics with excellent vibrant printed graphics for your display.

    Displays from 600mm upwards have a hinged base that folds into a compartment pocket within the carry bag for easier transportation and storage.

    We offer a full replacement graphics service to use with the existing frame.

    “From narrow to wide seamless graphics”

    The high profile retail display wall for branding graphics are mounted over the frame with an industrial zipper, easily assembled in a short period of time. High quality dye sublimated printing on Polyester for a tight, wrinkle free stretch fabric. This unit is perfect for areas like retail, exhibitions, bars and leisure areas with its metal base it has all the stability you need for a high traffic retail environment.

    • Double sided fabric print, creating stunning fabric graphics
    • With its metal base it has all the stability you need for a high traffic retail environment
    • It look like a permanent fixture yet is portable
    • Uses strong 32mm tubes for high durability and can be assembled in less than 5 minutes
    • Dimension available in four widths and seated on a heavy metal base.
    • Promotes a strong brand image.
    • Constructed from 32mm aluminium tube, it is a great alternative to more traditional banner stands.
    • Ideal permanent feature or portable display.
    The Stretchtex retail display wall comes in various sizes 60cm 90ccm 120cm and 150cm wide