25KG Moulded Water Base

£40.50 inc VAT

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    Our new 25KG moulded water fill base for feather flags and teardrop flags. The base which is designed to hold all poles for flags is a spinning option ideal use outdoor and indoor use. The budget water fill base for feather flags and teardrop flag poles does spin in the the wind like our other spinning options for feather flags and teardrop flags but doesn’t have the same engineered ball baring fixture like our premium bases. The base when full will be 25KG in weight.

    • Stackable for increased weight and stability
    • Easy storage when not being used
    • 25 litre capacity ensuring complete stability with water or sand
    • Can be used with all feather flags, teardrop flags and sail banner flags and pole kits
    • Rotator included to allow free movement in the wind to prevent flag wrapping around the pole
    • Suitable for up to and including large flags
    • 400 × 390 × 150 mm
    • Boxed ready to ship 1.5KG