Heras Fence Printed Banners

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    Heras Fence Printed Banners


    -Low cost printed banners for Heras Fencing.

    -Standard size, Custom size or Continuous length.

    -Photo quality printing.

    -Advertising, Branding, Screening.

    -Washable & Reusable.

    -Recyclable options.

    -3 Fabric choices to suit different requirements.


    What are Heras Banners?

    Heras banners, or fencing scrims, are Polyester airmesh or PVC panels that can be printed with any image and attached to temporary Heras fence panels. These cost-effective and easy to apply panels are ideal for many settings and uses;


    -Sports Events -Exhibitions -festivals -concerts -Building Sites


    -Advertising -Branding -Privacy Screening -Adding colour or photography -Information Signage

    Design & Printing

    We offer a free design service, helping you produce banners unique to your needs and setting. We are also happy to work with any print-ready artwork you provide. All our photo-quality printing takes place in our Nottingham workshop using environmentally friendly water-based and non-solvent dyes. During the sublimation print process dye merges with the poly fabric to create a uniquely washable, fade-resist surface.


    Fabric & Size

    Our Heras banners are available in 3 different fabric options, each uniquely suited to different projects, settings and budgets. The banners come in standard Heras panel sizes or can be custom sized for total flexibility. The 115gsm and 230gsm airmesh can even be printed in continuous runs of up to 100m for a seamless, fuss-free finish.


    Eco Light Poly Airmesh 115gsm

    Lightweight. Easy to handle in large runs. Non-rip. High airflow, low wind drag. Continuous print runs up to 100m Recyclable.


    Eco Heavy Poly Airmesh 230gsm

    Strong. Durable. High airflow, low wind drag. Continuous print runs up to 100m. Recyclable.


    PVC Mesh 330gsm

    Strong. Durable. Higher opacity. Small holes, light airflow. Low cost. Eco friendly printing.


    Not sure what you need? Just give us a call on 0115 965 5550 and we’ll help determine which product is best suited to your setting.


    Eco friendly Features

    • Central UK location (Nottingham) reduces transport distances for a lower carbon footprint.
    • Water based and non-solvent environmentally safe print dyes.
    • Removable and reusable banners.
    • 100% polyester Airmesh material can be recycled.


    Need Double Sided Banners?

    No problem. Two Heras banners can easily be attached to either side of your Heras fence panel. Alternatively, we can also offer Heras Fence covers that slip over an individual fence panel like a glove, call us on 0115 965 5550 to discuss this with a member of our excellent sales team.


    Further Product Information

    Eco Light Poly Airmesh 115gsm

    The Engineered 115g Poly Airmesh is our lightest Heras banner fabric with air holes allowing high airflow and low wind drag; easy to handle even on large-scale projects with long, continuous runs. This smart polyester fabric is tear resistant and can be sublimation printed with any image or graphic creating a photo-quality, fade-resistant, washable banner. The 115g Poly Airmesh can be printed edge-to-edge in runs of up to 100m for large-scale projects. Purchase in standard Heras or custom sizes with reinforced edging and 50cm spaced, rust-free nickel eyelets for added strength and easy installation.


    Eco Heavy Poly Airmesh 230gsm

    The 230gsm Heavy Poly Mesh is the strongest mesh banner fabric and an environmentally friendly alternative to the more traditional PVC banner. Like our best-selling Poly Airmesh, it is made from recyclable polyester and features wide holes for excellent airflow. Reinforced edging and rust-free nickel eyelets make it easy to install, remove and reuse. The ultra-durable, Heavy Poly Mesh is available in continuous print runs of up to 100m with reinforced strong tape edging; the ideal choice for long-term use on building and development sites using Heras fencing or scaffolding building wraps.


    PVC Eco Printed Mesh 330gsm

    The PVC Eco Printed Mesh 330gsm is a sturdy, cost-effective Heras banner option. Its more rigid structure makes installation easier in some settings. Smaller holes create a more opaque finish making it ideal for screening while still providing light airflow. Heat-sealed seams and nickel eyelets make installation and removal easy. Any graphic or image can be printed onto your PVC Heras banner using our specialist eco-friendly, non-solvent ink.

    Please note: This product is unsuitable for buildings with high wind drag. In settings where air drag is a significant factor, we recommend the 115gsm Poly Airmesh.


    About us

    As one of the UK’s leading printers, we combine cutting-edge, super-wide print technology with over 15 years of on-site printing and manufacturing experience, bringing you high-quality, customisable print options at the most competitive prices.

    Speak to us today on 0115 965 5550 for construction and display-industry reseller deals.


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    First Fence

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    Additional information

    Lightweight Airmesh or PVC Mesh?

    , ,

    Standard Sizes


    Price Table

    Material Size Price
    Dye Sub Printed Lightweight Eco Engineered Airmesh Haras Fence Third Cover 340cm x 155cm £48.83
    Dye Sub Printed Lightweight Eco Engineered Airmesh Heras Fence Full Size 340cm x 186cm £60.30
    Printed PVC Mesh 340g Heras Fence Third Cover 340cm x 155cm £56.96
    Printed PVC Mesh 340g Heras Fence Full Size 340cm x 186cm £68.25

    Material Spec Sheet

    Our fabric fire test and specification documents

    ST 118 MESH FLAG



    Delivery Info

    How much is delivery on my order of Heras Fence banners?

    Most orders are charged at £10 each, this is for a folded banners either Heras Poly Airmesh Scrim or PVC Mesh Banner in a box secure and safely wrapped.

    Can I use my PayPal address as the delivery address?

    We always ship to the address entered and confirmed in the checkout area and then authorised by the merchant.

    Whats the turnaround on products?

    We are the fast turnaround specialist! Delivery time from confirmation of order and approval of artwork is normally within 3-4 days. Sometime if artwork needs to be approved or amended this can slow things down. We can also ship must faster for you, if need something extra fast like next day, contact us and we will do what we can for you.

    Are items shipped from a UK manufacturer?

    YES! We are the sole manufacturer of all our printed banners and textile items, this is why you get the best price in the UK, we never ship from a third party.

    Can you ship white label direct to my customers?

    Do you need a secure and confidential direct delivery supplier? We ship direct form our facility in Nottingham and can send your items direct to your clients under a white label, we use DPD who offer a black shipping label.

    Will I get a tracking email or SMS from the courier?

    Our customers will get a emailed and SMS tracking with window for delivery where possible from the courier which is normally DPD, these are preferred supplier of courier services unless the Heras banners or PVC mesh banner roll is too wide, we will the carefully offer as alternative suitable for the delivery.

    Do you offer a same day delivery on Heras PVC Banner or Poly Airmesh Banners?

    This is always possible and can be quoted as a separate offer, these are more expensive but understandably required in this busy, on time industry.



    Artwork Requirements

    File Formats

    We only accept files in the following: pdf, ai, eps, jpeg, psd, tif.  Please provide tif & psd files flattened with not guidelines over the printed areas. We can not work with low resolution files like MS word or MS powerpoint.



    Our dye sublimation and pvc printers are profiled to match as close as possible to your brand colours. To do this we must have a “Pantone” reference to match the printed colour. Please specify this in an email to us and we will do our best to match the colour.


    No we don’t require any printer marks on your artwork for printing. Please save your document without crop or bleed marks please.


    For high resolution and non-pixelated prints, we recommend file images to be provided at 100ppi, saved at 100% print size. We do however recommend all text and shape based elements to be provided as vector files.


    Please ensure the document is set up in CMYK.


    If your artwork will attach to an email please send it to . If it is too large to attach, we recommend you use the online service We Transfer ( Just upload and enter the email address above. Please make sure you add your business and order number in the message section so we can match your artwork to your order.

    Colour Matching

    Please be aware we use different print machines in our UK factory, we use dye sublimation and eco solvent which use very different software and inks and have various outputs. We cannot be held responsible for colours printing incorrectly due to errors in supplied files which are have emended profiles or are corrupt. We will try to spot any issues for you, but this is not always possible.



    1. Sammy

      Perfect branding scrim for the festival, cheers

    2. Di

      Excellent fast service printed on a roll and shipped within 3 days, thank you!

    3. Shaun

      100m of scrim for the building site looked great over the xmas break, we will use you again!

    4. Paul Johnson

      We are a small pub company and we were looking for solutions to make a car park into a drinking / football viewing area.
      One of the issues was privacy, and as we couldn’t do anything permanent we settled on heras fencing with these printed banners on top.
      We are very pleased with the quality and speed of turn around, as as usual we were last minute.

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