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This is your cost effective way to display advertising on your temporary heras fencing panels which will make a huge impact. This printed banner product for fence dressing can be printed on engineered fabric banners like Poly Engineered Airmesh or PVC banner material. This is a cost effective way for you to dress events and cover up areas for security and screening off sites. Often described as scrim banner or fence scrim you can really make a dull fence look bright and eye catching and ensure your branding is shown to full effect in full colour print.

The engineered non-rip poly airmesh is a 115gsm and is very lightweight to assist you making this easy to handle for you, the same material used for our crowd barrier jackets and scrim rolls. This makes it idea for use in exposed areas when the PVC option is too heavy for the fencing. When ordering Heras fence or crowd barrier printed scrim you should consider the length of the banner panels you require. Don’t worry if your can’t find your size, the airmesh can be produced in various lengths to suit your needs. You can even choose the height of the airmesh scrim which can be finished to suit the fence which it will be applied to.

Having the fence scrim hemmed with a strong re-enforced webbing tape on the rear for the eyelets gives you stress free usage keeping the item  strong, this is perfect when you take the banners down for storage and use again. We advice you use cable ties to hold the banners to the fence or barrier and the clip these off at the end of use with scissors or wire cutters.

The amazing lightweight airmesh it 100% polyester and can help the environment by recycling the fabric. All the inks within the print are water based so no harm to the environment is caused on production which is in Nottingham and also saves on the carbon foot print. Helping to the environment is always at the front of our production, we know you think the same way!

We supply all sizes of fence banner scrim panels or continuous print upto 100m per roll!

For your sports events, exhibitions, building sites or for adverting on your property. Printed banners are full colour photo quality and very durable, for light weight easy to fix printed banner for fence dressing look to the dye sublimation printed banner for as light weight transportable washable solution.

If you need the Heras fence panels to be covered on both sides of the fence panel this is also possible. It it possible use two Heras fence banners, one banner on either side of the Heras fence panel. We can also supply Heras fencing cover which cover both the front and rear like a glove.

This product is also know as Heras Fencing Scrims. We offer the lowest UK prices on fence scrims!

Further Product Information

Engineered 115g Poly Airmesh

This is a tear resistant Engineered Poly airmesh, its a new eco friendly extremely popular product and can be purchased as finished or unfinished. The finished Poly Engineered Airmesh heras fence scrim panels come complete with a stitched finish & reinforcing tape on the rear for extra strength. Industrial Nickel Eyelets are spaced every 50cm for fitting. All these qualities give you the peace of mind when buying Heras scrim.

The unfinished airmesh fence scrim is available in continuous printed runs up to 100m and can be printed edge to edge and delivered on a roll in any size to suit barriers and heras fence panel sizes. This Printed Textile Airmesh scrim is very lightweight at 115gsm & very easy to handle on large runs, it also has a high airflow to reduce wind drag on your structure. Try the unfinished fence scrim it can be printed edge to edge with quick turnaround. We constantly look to improve our production process to be as competitive as possible and still produce high quality fence scrim at low cost. Speak to us if you have any questions.

PVC Eco Solvent Printed Banner Mesh

The pvc mesh banner version is a PVC  banner with small airflow holes for fence scrim. It has the strength of pvc, but is perforated allowing the wind to pass and has a weight of 300gsm. The Pvc mesh scrim has welded hemmed edges and is finished for reinforcing the edge for industrial metal eyelets. The pvc mesh scrim has eyelets for quick and easy installation and is still easy to install due to its more rigid structure. If wind drag on your structure is a big issue we would recommend using the Engineered 115g Poly Airmesh which is mush lighter and has less wind drag and allows more airflow.

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Additional information

Lightweight Airmesh or PVC Mesh


Standard Sizes


Price Table

Material Size Price
Dye Sub Printed Lightweight Eco Engineered Airmesh Haras Fence Third Cover 340cm x 155cm £48.83
Dye Sub Printed Lightweight Eco Engineered Airmesh Heras Fence Full Size 340cm x 186cm £60.30
Printed PVC Mesh 440g Heras Fence Third Cover 340cm x 155cm £56.96
Printed PVC Mesh 440g Heras Fence Full Size 340cm x 186cm £68.25


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  1. Sammy

    Perfect branding scrim for the festival, cheers

  2. Di

    Excellent fast service printed on a roll and shipped within 3 days, thank you!

  3. Shaun

    100m of scrim for the building site looked great over the xmas break, we will use you again!

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